Enjoy greater value with business process improvement via a cost-effective BPMS


greater value with business process improvement

Rindap is a cost-effective BPMS solution for business process improvement. You can see below a complex process of food order delivery with lots of different software, device, people and departments involved. Running this comprehensive workflow automation for a month will cost you only $0,05 per task regardless of the number of steps in the process or the number of times the task gets updated. In this scenario, the task starts with the entry of the food order to the system. This means that for each new order processed in this workflow, only $ 0.05 will be charged.

Thus you can achieve business process improvement without allocating high budgets and deliver greater value to your customers.

business process improvement diagram

The diagram above encompasses workflow automation in which a food order is received on the website and delivered to the customer to be rated.

All the process following the reception of the order is automized via Rindap;

– The control of ingredient inventory
– The issue of a purchase order if necessary
– The assignment of food preparation to the related chef depending on the cuisine
– The control of promo code and promotion inventory
– The addition of gift or extra discount to the order
– The control of the status of food
– The control of payment type
– The assignment of delivery to the right employee
– The control of payment status
– The control of delivery status
– The reception of rating from customer
– Notification of the human resources department

and all necessary communication have been orchestrated simply on Rindap via logic-based filters and advanced features. The digital process automation included the harmonization of people, devices and systems to increase overall work efficiency.

Similar to this example any business process can be fully automized, monitored and measured end-to-end with Rindap in order to improve business performance.

In order to better illustrate the financial benefits of Rindap, let’s further elaborate the example with some numbers. Let’s consider the restaurant receives 1200 online orders per month. Rindap will eliminate costs and improve processes as shown in the below table.

Reduce your operation costs drastically, seamlessly automate your process and deliver consistent value with business process improvement. Rindap reduces costs to almost 1 / 70 as seen below:

The table has been arranged according to the median monthly wages for the related positions and the industry averages in the United States. We have collaborated with industry opinion leaders regarding the averages, percentage of time spent for individual activities described on the table and process details in order to prepare this study.

As you can see Rindap allows companies to easily automate business processes end-to-end and visualize their processes in order to achieve business process improvement. The best thing about using Rindap is that it lets you pay what you use for business process management and enables process automation on the legacy system without requiring any additional software implementation. Choose Rindap today to enjoy smarter business process automation with low costs.

Rindap benefits from the experience of taking active role in the projects run by TÜBİTAK and ITEA respectively. Rindap is a part of the solutions offered by these projects to increase innovation and business impact.