Rindap has been developed for companies that want to increase their efficiency and scalability by automating their business processes end-to-end in a smarter way. Rindap offers a new way to developers to easily reflect the needs of management in terms of creating workflows, establishing automation among systems and processes and meet requirements set by business rules without struggling with integration processes or complex BPM applications.
Rindap allows you to model your workflow according to your business cases with its user friendly drag & drop tool. You can easily set filters to analyze the input in your workflow then use Rindap's API as an hub that transfers data and allocates tasks to workers. You can find further details on our How it Works? section.
Rindap is a low-code platform that also enables developers to utilize its RESTful API intended for managing complex business processes. Rindap helps you to automate your business processes end-to-end in order to increase your organization's efficiency, define your shortcomings, align the way how you get a process completed and finish processes much faster than before.


You can visit our developer portal for your credentials and API documentation.
Workflows are easy to change to meet changes in your business processes. Simply change the content of filters, queues or workers on the diagram. Delete obsolete elements or add new ones. All your changes in the business are reflected to your workflow almost without losing any time.
As a developer working on to automate business processes, Rindap gives you a powerful tool to avoid any complicated BPM platforms or cumbersome integrations. You can avoid numerous lines of code and dreadful hand coding by utilizing Rindap's low-code platform. You can draw workflows and drag & drop logical filters  instead of coding them.   You can use Rindap's RESTful API as the sole means of convey data and returning a response as per your workflow. You can utilize RESTful API to your server and use the responses you achieved according to the workflow. Besides automation is not one-stop in Rindap. You can create workflows that keep on processing once the response is received from the assigned worker. Another important advantage Rindap offers is the elimination of maintenance due to integration since there is no need for integration anymore. For further details please check our developers page.  
At Rindap we are always happy to help! You can check our support page and create a ticket regarding your query at https://rindap.com/support If required we can also schedule for a remote session to get technical support. Rindap does not charge for technical support.

Billing & Pricing

You will charged based on tasks in Rindap. Tasks are the pieces of work that start the running of a workflow. It can be a web form submission, creation of a CRM record, an email received, a reading from an IoT device, an exact entry in the code and so on depending on the developers design and business case. You pay as low as $0.05 for every task you create and extra $0.05 for every month your tasks stay open. For volume discounts please contact us.
You can easily create your free account and start trying out Rindap with a complimentary $10 credit. With the $10 credit you get 200 free tasks to test your processes and get the basics of using Rindap. 
Rindap benefits from the experience of taking active role in the projects run by TÜBİTAK and ITEA respectively. Rindap is a part of the solutions offered by these projects to increase innovation and business impact.